The Basics of R2-D2 Electronics for the DIY R2 builder.

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R2-D2 electronics are the most intimidating aspects of a DIY R2 build for many folks going by all the comments in the R2 forums & even a few I’ve gotten since starting this R2-D2 build series.

As many of the viewers to this channel are already DIY & RC enthusiasts; R2D2 electronics and electronic components shouldn’t be overly intimidating or hard to understand. Just slightly different from what many of us have likely had experience with.

In fact, I would argue that it’s much more difficult to get a large modern day RC helicopter built, setup, programmed, and flying well than a simple RC controlled full size R2D2 is to get working. There are of course exceptions, and the more complicated your R2 build, the more difficult it becomes. Keep this engineering adage in mind “complexity hampers execution & reliability.” The older I get, the more I appreciate the wisdom of those words that my dad taught me when I was an ankle biter.

Even if you don’t have any RC background or DIY basic electronic understanding; with a little bit of research and some reading of a couple good droid electronics resources I link to below, you should have few issues provided you take you time and don’t rush any of this.

A DIY R2 build is a fun and long lasting project after all – enjoy the process along with the occasional head scratching and a few new four letter words. 🙂

One thing you absolutely must be able to do however with an R2 Build if you are putting electronics into it is the ability solder. Soldering is a must have skill and if you are not sure about soldering or a little rusty; take the time to learn & practice – it’s not hard. If an idiot like me can solder, anyone can. I have lots of soldering how-to resources on my YouTube channel and a page on my website:

Video Chapters:
0:00 Howdy Folks
1:25 Electronic Tools
4:23 Control System
5:37 Power System
7:29 Power Components
9:29 Voltage Regulation
10:01 Motor Control
14:54 Snubber Diodes?
17:07 Drive Motors
19:14 Dome Wiring

R2-D2 Beginner Electronics Must Read Resources:

– Droid Control Systems PDF:
– The World of Droid Electronics PDF:

Links below to components shown in video based on 24V system. Use your Google fu however as many items are often out of stock. Dimension Engineering motor controllers especially.

– Sabertooth 2×32 main drive dual motor controller:
– Good Alternative dual motor controller – Cytron Smart Drive Duo 30A:
– Syren10 dome motor controller:
– E100 24V 100W Scooter Motor:
– High Current Adjustable DC/DC Buck Converter:
– Low current adjustable buck converter:
– 24V Main Power Relay 80A:
– 24V 10A 3PDT Relay to isolate motors:
Use an AC contactor 3 pole relay if you want more than 10A.
There are also solid state 3 pole relays such as this:
– Main Power Fuse:
– Universal 6 way fuse block:
– Fluke 101 multimeter:
– Good quality & price full feature multimeter (Uni-T UT61E):
– Dupont Connector Kit Set:

Making R2-D2 Video Series:
– Introduction to a DIY R2-D2 Build:
– Part 1 Making the dome:
– Part 2 Painting the dome:
– Part 3 Dome lights & holoprojectors:
– Part 4 Dome Completion:
– Part 5 Mark 3 Body Assembly:
– Part 6 R2 Sound System Basics:
– Part 7 R2 Electronic Basics:
– Part 8 R2 Legs & Foot Drives:
– Part 9 Painting R2-D2:
– Part 10 Installing Electronics:
– Conclusion to a DIY R2-D2 Build:

Astromech R2 Builders Club Forum:
Mr. Baddeley’s Patreon Page (source for Astromech Droid 3D print files, instructions & more):

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